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Trucking Companies

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Trucking companies include a vast array of companies and cause the insurance industry to have several different classification codes associated with this industry. From a workers’ compensation perspective, coverage can be hard to find for businesses in the Trucking Industry. If businesses can find coverage, it is expensive in most states. Over… Read more »

Automobile Service Companies

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Auto service companies include a large amount of businesses who provide a wide range of mechanical services for customers. Some may include businesses who offer engine repair, to tune-ups, to even work on electrical components. Other businesses include those businesses who repair vehicle body parts, transmissions or work on brakes. Other operations… Read more »

Day Care Centers

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Child care costs are devastatingly high for parents. One main cause for that is because of the cost for these businesses to purchase commercial insurance. The reason for such high premiums is because of both the frequency and severity of claims in this industry. When a child is involved in… Read more »