6 Industries with Unique Workers Comp Risks

Janitorial Services, Electricians, Lawncare, Restaurants, Trucking and Floor Installation are Businesses with Unique Workers Comp Risks

Unique Workers Comp Risks Can be difficult for a small business to prepare. In most states, Workers Compensation Insurance is required by law for most businesses. Each state has some exceptions that allow some businesses to go without coverage if they meet certain criteria. Even when a business meets this criteria, many times it is still a good idea to secure some form of workers compensation insurance. Each industry has their own unique issues when it comes to maneuvering through the workers compensation system. Proper on-boarding of all staff, focus on ergonomics in the workplace, a well-documented safety program, and an effective return-to-work program all impact what a business pays for workers compensation premium. Here are six industries that have very unique risks associated with workers compensation.

Janitorial Services Companies

Janitorial Services work both in commercial establishments and in private residencies. If the employees of the janitorial services company are W-2 employees, workers compensation coverage is required by law in most states. Some states have exclusions depending upon the revenue of the business and the number of employees, but securing coverage is still a wise decision in most cases. If the business uses independent contractors to get the cleaning accomplished, in some states those are still recognized as employees. This means the requirement to secure coverage is still law. An independent insurance agent can can help you determine if you are required to carry coverage or not. In order to keep claims low and minimize the amount a business pays for premium, it is important to have adequate safety protocols in place. workers should know what chemicals they are working with and how to safely use them.


Electricians are an industry where many within the profession are independent contractors. Depending upon the state the electrical contractor or the business is operating in, workers comp may or may not be required. In most instances, it is smart to go ahead and secure a policy. If you contractor is a small business owner and they are the only employee within the business, a ghost policy may meet the requirements for coverage that many business will require in order to enter into a contract.

Lawncare and Landscaping Companies

A Lawncare or Landscaping Company has extremely high turnover. Because of this trend, workers compensation claims tend to be higher in this industry than in other industries. Because of the elevated amount of claims and especially because of the driving risk attached to most landscaping companies, Workers Compensation Premium is elevated. Focusing on developing a safety program and documenting all aspects of the program can help a business keep premium low. Documentation can also prevent premium from increasing too much after a year in which a business experiences more claims or one severe claim.

Restaurant Industry

The Restaurant Industry is another industry that frequently experiences elevated claims rates. The fact that the employees interact directly with the open public frequently creates a risk of cold and flu. There is also an elevated risk of injuries from slips, trips, and falls. Creating a culture within a restaurant where everyone is encouraged to focus on the safety of themselves and their coworkers is essential. Creating light duty work for injured employees can help get injured employees back on the job quicker and limit the damage of a claim.

The Trucking Industry

Trucking Companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as small as one employee who is an owner operator. Some businesses have dozens of employees who drive for the business. No matter how big or small the business is, the health and safety of the drivers is paramount. No Trucking Business can be successful without good healthy drivers. Because of the sedentary nature of the job, it is important to encourage healthy lifestyle habits with your staff. Taking adequate breaks, Getting enough sleep, and taking some time to get some form of exercise are essential to the health and well-being of the staff at a Trucking Company.

Floor Installation

Floor Installation Companies install carpet, hardwood, or any other type of flooring to both new homes and existing properties. They can do installations for commercial as well as residential properties. Employees tend to work on the ground and this can cause a lot of back injuries. Providing employees with appropriate safety equipment can go a long way towards limiting the number of insurance claims filed because of an injured employee.



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