NCCI 9014 (Commercial Janitorial Services)

Breaking down NCCI workers’ compensation class code 9014, Commercial Janitorial Services.

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Like most workers comp class codes, code 9014 includes many different operations. NCCI workers comp codes generally include a variety of operations. This is because the classification manual is written to include specific operations, but over time, additional operations are added to classification codes by analogy.

The primary operation contemplated by code 9014 is commercial janitorial services. Janitorial services are defined as keeping a building clean by routine dusting; mopping, vacuuming, waxing, or polishing floors; emptying trash; cleaning or washing interior walls; and cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing restrooms.  The easiest operations to get insured (at the most favorable pricing) are office cleaning companies. It is also reasonably easy to get favorable workers comp insurance for commercial janitorial companies including those that clean at retail and other light commercial spaces. It is often difficult to get workers’ compensation insurance for commercial janitorial companies which specialize in cleaning at industrial settings which often leads to assigned risk solutions.

Certain operations can also make it more difficult to get favorable workers comp insurance for typical commercial janitorial companies. Code 9014 allows for maintenance and minor repair work. Most insurance carriers will allow up to 10% or so of operations to fall into this arena. Floor waxing is another operation which underwriters consider. Some carriers allow as much as 25% of floor waxing and will still quote accounts in that situation. Power washing is disfavored, and most carriers will decline to quote companies offering power washing (although it is an operation included in code 9014, at least if performed at ground level).

Code 9014 allows for residential cleaning if it is less than 50% of operations (a different NCCI code is used for primarily cleaning companies, 0917). However, the majority of workers comp carriers will decline any account which does any residential cleaning as it is a less controlled work environment.   With that said, at least in some states, The Hartford will still quote commercial janitorial companies with some level of residential cleaning (several years in business is generally an eligibility requirement in this case).

Interior operations are greatly favored to exterior operations by most insurance carriers. A small amount of exterior operations can be allowed, but work from heights or power washing usually lead to declines from insurance carriers.   While ground level window cleaning is allowed under code 9014, any window washing above ground level must use workers comp code 9170 (and is much more difficult to get quoted by insurance carriers).

Other operations which are included in NCCI workers comp code 9014 include:

  • Exterminators (a few carriers will quote these while others will not, but almost none of the carriers will provide workers comp insurance if there is any live animal trapping performed)
  • Chimney Cleaning (if performed using the vacuum suction method at ground level — this is difficult to get quoted as it is mostly performed in residences and there is still concern of work at heights for any chimney cleaning operations)
  • Residential boiler cleaning using vacuum suction equipment (any work involving boilers is difficult to get quoted)
  • Swimming pool maintenance (a few carriers will quote swimming pool maintenance companies; however swimming pool construction would generally lead to declines)
  • Pet waste removal services (with sufficient payroll, there is some possibility to get this quoted by voluntary market insurance carriers)

NCCI workers comp code 9014 includes many different operations. Hopefully, this article has provided additional insight into which operations within code 9014 are viewed favorably or unfavorably by workers comp insurance carriers.

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