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Food Trucks are booming

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The food truck industry is booming in 2017. All over the country, food trucks are popping up serving everything from fish tacos to barbecue sandwiches, to even Thai food. Because of this explosion in the food truck industry, more and more companies are needing insurance coverage for their new food… Read more »

Workers Comp in 2017

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Issues in Workers Comp to look out for in 2017   Things are changing at within every aspect of the insurance industry. Especially in the workers comp systems each state has for their workers and employers. Here are 5 issues that will be at the forefront of the Workers Compensation… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation for Dry Cleaning businesses

For most dry cleaning businesses, workers’ compensation exposures can be high.  A big reason for this is because of the  chemicals that are used.  These chemicals can cause skin and eye irritations, as well as serious lung and respiratory problems.  Many dry cleaning agents pose a long-term threat from cumulative… Read more »