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Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Non Profit Organizations.  

Non profit organizations include a vast array of specialties. Because of this there are many different classification codes for this industry. This industry can include a soup kitchen, a YMCA, a counseling center and even a halfway house. This does not really even begin to tip the iceberg of the types of organizations that could… Read more »

Lawn Care and Landscaping

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The Lawn Care and Landscaping industry has many different risks associated with the work that is done by businesses in this industry. Each risk that is taken on can change what a business pays for commercial insurance, specially for workers’ compensation coverage. Like many industries, there are several different classification codes… Read more »

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies are very similar businesses, but from an insurance perspective there is one critical difference. The difference is the driving aspect of Residential Cleaning Companies. Businesses in this industry, that work with residential clients as opposed to commercial clients, typically have employees who are traveling to… Read more »