Insurance for Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program has very unique Insurance concerns

Insurance for Amazon Delivery Service Partners is crucial to the success of any business owner looking at breaking in to this niche industry. Most insurance carriers shy away from offering insurance coverage to any business that has a driving risk. Because of the strict guidelines required to be a part of the Amazon Delivery Program, a few insurance carriers are hungry to offer multiple lines of coverage to this new niche industry.

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What is included in the Amazon Delivers Service Program?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program is a brand new program where Amazon is attempting to meet some of the demand for delivery of packages bought through the Amazon platform. The program has strict guidelines the businesses must follow in order to be a part of the program. The guidelines include training, technology, on demand technological support, driver assistance for on road issues, a dedicated account manager, and more than 20 years of logistical experience. In addition, Amazon also provides access to exclusive deals on Amazon Branded Vans that come with programs designed to help businesses with vehicle maintenance, Industrial-grade handheld devices, accounting services, and even legal support.

What Types of Insurance Do Amazon Delivery Service Partners Need?  

When a business is a Certified Amazon Delivery Service Partner, the business must adhere to the strict policies and procedures put in place by Amazon. Those policies and procedures include hiring, training, certifications, business structure, and required insurance. Because of these specific protocols, some insurers are more confident offering coverage to Amazon Partner Businesses. Amazon Delivery Service Partners Insurance is one of the most important decisions a new entrepreneur can make. Here are six insurance policies that all new business owners in this niche indsutry should consider adding to their package of insurance coverages.

  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Inland Marine
  • Surety Bond
  • Umbrella Policy

General Liability

General Liability Insurance protects a business from a number of claims related to normal business operations. Some of the claims related to a commercial general liability insurance policy include: property damage, premises liability, products liability, completed operations, third-party bodily injuries, resulting medical payments, defense costs, and advertising injury.

Workers Compensation for an Amazon Delivery Business

When an Amazon Delivery Service Parnter hires the first employee, the business is legally required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage. This is true in 48 out of 50 states. Even if your business is not legally required to carry this coverage, it is in the best interst of the business to still secure this business. A Workers Compensation Policy covers all medical costs, recovery costs, and some missing income while an employee is hurt and not able to work.

Commercial Auto

An Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business reqquires teh business to use a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles every day to make delvieries of Amazon Packages. Most Insurance Carriers shy away from offering coverage to businesses that have any type of driving risk. Because of Amazons strict guidelines required of Amazon Delivery Service Partners, some carriers are more eager to offer coverage to these types of businesses. Business Auto Insurance is a policy that covers all types of claims that involve many types of automobiles related to a delviery business. These claims predominantly cover damages related from an auto accident you or your employee causes an automobile accident,

Inland Marine for an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

A Commercial Inland Marine Insurance Policy for an Amazon Delivery Service Partner protects goods that are frequently in transit or are stored at a third party location. Also, a Inland Marine Policy protects equipment and products even when they are not moving, but are moving throughout the shipping process, the delivery process, and beyond.

Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is designed to act as a guarantee of services. The Bond guarantees that you as a business owner will deliver the goods or services and will fulfill specific obligations the business has agreed to. Bonds are often written witha specific dolalr amount that is agreed to contractually between the business, the customer/partner, and the entity offering the bond (typically the insurance agency).

Umbrella Policy for an Amazon Delivery Service Business

A commercial umbrella policy helps a business fill the gap between what other policies cover and what you owe for losses or damages. If you experience a fire in your warehouse that destroys countless packages, your business property policy might not cover the entire cost of what you owe for replacing items. The umbrella policy then steps in to fill the gap.

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