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Lawyers Work Comp Needs

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Lawyers, Law Firms and Attorneys need to be up to speed on their states requirements for workers compensation coverage.   Lawyers and attorneys are legal professionals who are entrusted by a client for advice in handling some or all of their legal matters. This can include but is not limited… Read more »

Non-profit Agencies

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Non profit companies make a large portion of the small business community. According to Andrea Wells of MyNewMarkets.com, “This critical sector represents more than 1.5 million organizations and accounts for almost 10 percent of all salaries and wages paid in the United States.”  That represents a large customer base for… Read more »

Beauty Shop, Salon, Spas and Barber Shop

There are several names or terms referring to businesses in the Salon Industry. They are commonly referred to as as a barber shop, beauty shop, salon or spa. These businesses typically cut, style, trim and color hair. Other services may be offered, such as wig cleaning and styling, massage, nail care,… Read more »

Retail Stores

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Retail stores, wholesale distributors, warehousing businesses and apparel stores are an enormous part of the economy that make up almost 12% of the entire workers compensation insurance market. Most carriers are willing to quote coverage for this industry, but prices vary considerably between insurance companies. This is because many carriers… Read more »

Automobile Service Companies

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Auto service companies include a large amount of businesses who provide a wide range of mechanical services for customers. Some may include businesses who offer engine repair, to tune-ups, to even work on electrical components. Other businesses include those businesses who repair vehicle body parts, transmissions or work on brakes. Other operations… Read more »

Day Care Centers

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Child care costs are devastatingly high for parents. One main cause for that is because of the cost for these businesses to purchase commercial insurance. The reason for such high premiums is because of both the frequency and severity of claims in this industry. When a child is involved in… Read more »

Lawn Care and Landscaping

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The Lawn Care and Landscaping industry has many different risks associated with the work that is done by businesses in this industry. Each risk that is taken on can change what a business pays for commercial insurance, specially for workers’ compensation coverage. Like many industries, there are several different classification codes… Read more »

Bars, Taverns and Restaurants

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Bars, Taverns and Restaurants have many different risks they face. The differences between a food truck, a four star restaurant and a diner are as different as the differences between a florist, a gun club, and a dry cleaners. Many of these different risks cause a bar tavern or restaurant to… Read more »