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Mortgage Brokers

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What are the Workers Compensation Concerns for Mortgage Brokers?    What is a Mortgage Broker? A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between a home buyer and all potential lenders. A Mortgage Brokers job is to work on the behalf of a home buyer to interact with several banks to find competitive… Read more »

Cable Installers

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Cable television companies provide television programs to customers over both fiber optic and coaxial cables. They can be provided both digitally and via satellite, but someone must install the equipment that makes these technologies work. This is where companies spring up to provide this needed service for both cable providers… Read more »

Workers Comp needs for an Office Business

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Workers Compensation for Office and Technology Companies An office setting may seem like a fairly safe place to work.  The likelihood that you will get hurt or injured at work while sitting at a desk seems fairly low. But there are repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and back… Read more »

Non-profit Agencies

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Non profit companies make a large portion of the small business community. According to Andrea Wells of MyNewMarkets.com, “This critical sector represents more than 1.5 million organizations and accounts for almost 10 percent of all salaries and wages paid in the United States.”  That represents a large customer base for… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Non Profit Organizations.  

Non profit organizations include a vast array of specialties. Because of this there are many different classification codes for this industry. This industry can include a soup kitchen, a YMCA, a counseling center and even a halfway house. This does not really even begin to tip the iceberg of the types of organizations that could… Read more »