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As a florist, a business owner has chosen an industry that is very diverse and has specialized business insurance needs.  Those insurance needs differ from other small businesses. The diversity of this industry can include providing arrangements for both weddings and funerals. Many of these occassions require you to provide just the right touch at a moment’s notice. This diversity in the floral industry brings about specialized business insurance needs that differ from other small businesses. As far as workers compensation risks, the first and foremost risk results to lifting which can cause back injuries, sprains and strains resulting from slips and falls.

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In order to combat these risks, employees should be provided with the proper safety equipment for a florist. Your business has to train your employees on the proper techniques to prevent risks. Also, realize the risks you face in this industry are different than the risk of an electrician or a home health care business. Never assume your employees no how to keep themselves safe or that they value safety. Delivery drivers should have thorough background checks done on them that include periodic driving records. The driving records should be pulled yearly if not more frequently.

Securing proper insurance coverage in the floral industry does not have to be a difficult process. Partnering with an experienced independent insurance agent is a good idea because they can help you determine what exact risks you face and how to best combat those risks. No matter who you choose to partner with as an agent, the buying process should begin with a thorough discussion of your business operations. Taking a little bit of additional time to let them know what exactly your employees do and do not do on a daily basis can help you avoid catastrophe down the road. Insurance agents interact with small business owners not only when they are purchasing insurance coverage, but also when claims occur. They have to interact with business owners in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. They can use this experience to help you prevent a catastrophic claim that may cause you to close the doors of your business permanently.  Flowers from a florist.

Independent agents are the best to partner with because they have the ability to shop your policy around to multiple carriers in an effort to secure a better price and even better coverage. This is especially important if you have employees who drive as a part of their daily duties. Driving risks tend to cause claims to rise in both frequency and severity for small businesses. Because of this fact, insurance carriers charge more in premium to cover a business that has a driving risk. No matter what risks your business does face, partnering with an experienced independent insurance agent will always help you secure the best coverage at the lowest premium possible.


Business Liability Category: Retail Stores- Flowers

SIC Business Insurance Codes:

•   5992- Florist

•   5992- Flowers, Nursery Stock, and Florist Supplies

NAICS Liability Classifications:

•   453110- Florist and Flower Shops

•   453998- Other Miscellaneous Retail Stores

Business Insurance ISO General Liability:

    •   Code: 12841- Florist

Common Workers Compensation Class Codes:

    •   8001- Retail Flower Shops and Drivers


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