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Mortgage Brokers

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What are the Workers Compensation Concerns for Mortgage Brokers?    What is a Mortgage Broker? A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between a home buyer and all potential lenders. A Mortgage Brokers job is to work on the behalf of a home buyer to interact with several banks to find competitive… Read more »

Accounting Firms

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Accountants handle clients’ financial records. Their services are provided to both individuals and businesses. With the diversity in the work that accountants do, and the fact they are dealing with sensitive financial information, the level of risk in this industry is unique. Bodily-injury claims are not very high, but the… Read more »

Workers Comp needs for an Office Business

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Workers Compensation for Office and Technology Companies An office setting may seem like a fairly safe place to work.  The likelihood that you will get hurt or injured at work while sitting at a desk seems fairly low. But there are repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and back… Read more »